Instagram Phone Number

Instagram Phone Number

In the era of online social media networks, Instagram has emerged as one of the remarkable platforms. It has eased the process of sharing your thoughts with the world via the posts, showcasing your art, i.e., music, dance, painting, etc., short clips as reels, status, and much more that connect the real world to the virtual world. Using Instagram's services is common; hence, issues can arise. So, to tackle this, you must find an Instagram Contact Number. The below information will assist you:

What is the phone number of the Instagram customer support team?

A number of users are active on Instagram, and considering the same fact, it has activated an Instagram phone number, which is (888) 851-6382. Dial it and wait till you listen to certain IVRs. Based on your selection, a live agent will be assigned to ensure your every query is submitted and answered. 

Working hours of the Instagram customer service team

Before dialing a contact number, it becomes a bit crucial for one to be aware of Instagram's working hours:

  • The contact number of the Instagram support team is active throughout the week. 
  • Its service hours may differ occasionally, so you are suggested to keep yourself in the loop. 

What doubts you must raise over a phone call?

Instagram's users must know what numerous queries they can ask the officials over a phone call. And to know about the same, given are some of the relevant points that will guide you in every possible way; please have a look;

  • Account Restricted: This issue occurs when you continuously like or dislike, follow or unfollow, etc. So, you must cite your concern to the team. 
  • Forgot Email/password: Suppose you forgot the email ID or password of your account, so you cannot log in. You can get in touch with the executive who will assist you. 
  • Reel concerns: Suppose you cannot post reels, view reels with poor quality, reels are stopped, resulting in the crashing of the application, etc.; you can get resolutions on Instagram. 
  • Spam/Virus/authorized activity: If you experience any unusual activity, you can approach the assistant, who will listen to your concern and offer valuable methods to fix it. 
  • Promotion-related doubts: If you are a business promoter, influencer, etc., over Instagram and want to promote your business but do not know how it will work, you have to raise the same concerns to the agent of Instagram. 

What queries should you avoid asking over a phone call?

Several issues can be fixed without approaching the assistance team, and you can find some of them in the pointed form; 

  • Storage: If you cannot load any reel or upload any picture, reel, or story due to storage issues, this has to be dealt with by removing all the caches and unused data from your device. 
  • Why restricted?: Many users complain to Instagram for restricting their accounts. However, in their terms and conditions, all the provisions related to any continuous following or unfollowing, BOT followers, etc., are mentioned, and violating any of the rules may restrict your account. Hence, their charges can not be questioned. If they have done it mistakenly, you can approach them. 

Unlock the best time to get an official Instagram assistance team over a call

A user should be aware of a perfect time to connect with the team to have resolutions. So, to find the same read out the point mentioned below;

  • You must make a phone call to the agent on weekdays between 8 AM to 11 PM. 
  • The service team may not be available on national holidays, emergencies, etc. 

Why do users prefer connecting to Instagram over a call?

You can jot down different pros of reaching out to Instagram on a phone call, and to find them out, make a careful observation of the written points:

  • A live person: The most crucial reason they connect over a call is that they are assigned an executive who listens to their concerns and offers resolutions accordingly. 
  • Systematic resolutions: The agent listening to you on a call will be experienced and trained. Thus, you will get proper fixing methods to continue using its services effectively.
  • Ready for upcoming troubles: Once you consult over a phone call, you can tackle any problem related to different services on Instagram. 

What to do if you are unsatisfied with the assistance over a phone call?

Suppose you reached the Instagram support team over a call, but the resolutions given were not appropriate, or you are not satisfied; you can pick some alternatives below. Please have a look:

  • Re-try: You can make another attempt to approach the assistance team if, on the first call, you were unable to comprehend the process. 
  • Alternatives: There are other methods, such as email, etc., you can adopt them to forward and submit your issue/s. 
  • Cite concerns well: Before connecting again, jot down the issues and cite them without hesitation to Instagram's official, and you will be given positive results or guidance. 

Although it tries its best to respond to every concerned user, Instagram may be unable to respond to everyone on time. But you are suggested to have patience until you are connected, and your doubts are resolved.