What is Google phone number in India?

What is Google phone number in India?

Having an account on Google is necessary nowadays as it is used at different places, such as taking admission to universities, making travel reservations, etc. While making the Google account, you will be able to get access to multiple applications such as maps, docs, etc. You can easily secure all your data by keeping a password before or after creating an account. If you want to know any details or get into trouble, such as a forgotten password, account hack, etc., you can contact their support team using your Google phone number or other connection modes. 

What is the Google support phone number in India?

Google provides you with destination-wise contact numbers, so if you are from India and willing to take assistance in the quickest mode, you can go with the call medium. To get guidance on call, you have to dial this number 1-800-419-0157 and then choose to make the selection of the language in which you want to take the assistance and follow the instructions as per the IVR and make the selection of that which is relevant to the issues. 

Is it possible to chat with a Google support team member from India?

Yes, Google provides the option of chat support as by using this mode, the users can easily avoid the call hold issues you can face on Google phone number, this is the online mode, so the users need to follow the process given below. 

  • Locate the website of Google in your search engine 
  • Then you need to open the customer support option
  • Doing this, the contact options of Google will arise on the screen, making the selection of chat form there.
  • Further in the chat box, provide your Gmail id and your query

Can I email my query to the Google support team in India? 

Google also gives you the option of sending an email, and by using this mode of communication, you can easily share query-related documents with the support team. To compose an email to Google support, you have to click on this  support-in@google.com and then compose an email in which you need to give the details about your account and your query.  

How do I contact Google support on the feedback form?

You can also share your feedback or query with the support team using the feedback form; to submit the query through the feedback, you can follow the below points. 

  • Navigate Google's official website and open the contact us page 
  • Doing this, all the possible modes of communication will appear to make the selection of feedback form option.
  • You have to fill in the account details with a query
  • Following this in the chat box, mention your query and submit that form, within a few moments get the solution. 

Does Google provide you with community help? 

Yes, Google gives you the option of community help through which you can ask your queries to other users. You must visit help us on Google and click Ask the help community. Afterward, you must select, ask help and log in to your account to share the queries. 

The above mentioned modes will guide you on Google phone number, how to contact through it and also other options that you can use to take help as well.