How Do I Use a Google Number?

How Do I Use a Google Number?

Now reaching your colleagues, friends, and family members becomes easier when you make a call through Google phone number. One of the enormous pros of using this is you connect uninterrupted by any network glitch. However, in the following explanation, you will learn multiple procedures to use Google Numbers and avail of its services. Take a look:

How to Use a Google Number?

  • First, you can set up your Google Voice Number or make it on Google Voice Application. 
  • To get forwarded calls, you have the option to link your phone number. 
  • If you are a SIP Link user, you may not find the Linked Number feature; you must get to the concerned IT team. 

A Guide to Set Up a Google Phone Number on Android

To set up a Google phone number on Android, the steps given below have to be followed;

  • First, you must open the Google Voice Application. 
  • Find settings (on your left, under the Menu) and click on them. 
  • Click on the “Devices and Numbers” tab under the Account option. 
  • A New Linked Number option will pop up, tap. 
  • Type your Contact Number to link with it. 
  • You will be forwarded a Verification code; make it verified. 

Additionally, you are privileged to add six numbers with Google, and for any technical assistance, you can reach Google customer service. 

Choose or remove the other linked devices: It happens that when there is a call to a Google number, all the linked devices also receive notifications. So, to turn off or to select your device;

  • Once you are on the Google Voice App, go to settings. 
  • An option of “Incoming Calls” is there under the tab of Calls. 
  • Then, choose your concerned device. (In the My Devices section).  

Avail of Google Call, text, and other services on Computers: There is a separate way to avail the Google phone number services, and for that, you must go through the discussion:

  • First, Click on the link which is provided ( 
  • In the section of Account, tap on Linked Numbers. 
  • Post that, in the “New Linked Number” tab, enter your phone number.  

Use Call Waiting option: To enable all the calling activities of users, it has also provided an option to put one call on hold while responding to another phone call. Find further information:

  • You can reject a new call while being on a phone call. 
  • You can put the real call on hold and pick up the new one. 
  • You can dial another number while on a call with one (automatically, it will put you on hold). 

A Guide to Set Up a Google Phone Number on iPhone and IPad 

Google is very well-known for the users using phone number services offered to them. And similarly, it has a large IOS audience base using the concerned service. So, to set up the same, you can follow the instructions given below:

  • Primarily, the application of Google Voice has to be opened. 
  • Locate the SETTINGS tab under the Menu and tap. 
  • Click on the Devices and Numbers tab to add a new Linked Number. 
  • Type your preferred phone number. 
  • A code will be processed that is required to re-enter for confirmation. 
  • Then click on verify. (you will be done with this). 

If you are stuck at the given methods, you can get to Google customer service, where a technical assistant will be provided to look after your queries, and you can utilize the services effectively. 

Remove your Linked Number: You must be aware that it offers you to link up to six numbers, and if you wish to remove any of the linked numbers, below are the steps; look;

  • In the Voice Application, find and go to the Settings tab. 
  • In the Devices and Number tab, you will find Linked numbers. 
  • There you will view the option to “Remove.” 

 NOTE: In case of any query, you must get technical support by contacting the Google phone number.