How Do I Get a Google Phone Number Without a Phone Number?

How Do I Get a Google Phone Number Without a Phone Number?

Are you searching for the Google phone number or voice account without using the phone number? Then, for that, the following steps provide you with detailed information related to Google phone numbers. So, if you don’t have an active contact number, then you can still create a Google account by using the text-verified process, and below are the following all the details that are mentioned. Read and follow all the mentioned steps accurately:-

Use the text verified process to get a Google phone number

If you are looking for text verification to access the Google account, then there is no use in waiting to get a code when your number is not activated. To get the verification code, you can use text verification, which provides a fair US phone number for confirmation by collecting it with the phone companies. Now, that Google phone number will assist you in getting the verification number and accessing the account. 

Methods to get SMS verifications to access the Google account

Here are the following details you can use to get the verification code through sms without sharing your personal number with others. To know the process, below are the following steps that are mentioned to follow:

Step 1- Access for Google Voice Account

Initially, you must go to the official google voice site to sign up. When you start the process, then enter the preferred city or area code in the required space. Now, enter the information, and you need to select a Google Voice number, or Google customer service will assist you. When you select that, enter the contact number directly linking to the account. 

Step 2- Log into Text Verified

Now, move to the other tab and go to text verified to create the account. After that, tap on get started to create the account, and for that, you need to provide your email address and other information. You must select the password and proceed to your account. When you complete that, ensure that you registered in the text-verified account to check your email. 

Step 3- Navigate to the verifications tab

When you sign in to the account, then click on that to open, and a drop-down will open here. It would help if you chose to text and SMS; then, you can see you use phone number verification by Google customer service.

Step 4- Search google voice in the search bar

After that, you must start searching for google voice and tap on that. Ensure that the phone number is available to receive the sms verification. When the text verified is received verification sms, then you can continue the process. At last, access google voice and be ready to enter the generated number on another tab because there is limited time. 

Step 5- Generate the number and verified

When you get your number and proceed with the procedure, then, you will receive the code in the message column, and you will verify when the process is completed. Lastly, you can easily make your account to access. 

Note: Hopefully, all the required information for the Google phone number is mentioned, and you have to follow all the steps in an appropriate way to complete the process. For more details, contact the expert services.